Sunglow frit blend by Glass Diversions
Sunglow frit blend by Glass Diversions - beads by Kathie Khaladkar

Sunglow Frit Blend

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This blend might not look like much in it’s frit form but it will surprise you with its color variations.   You can make Faux-Boro beads with this blend or you can reduce it for a beautiful Gold Reduction!

  • Frit Size #1
  • Reactive Blend
  • Opaque / Transparent

To Make Faux-Boro beads – Use Moretti Lt. Brown dipped heavily in my Sunglow frit blend and then pulled into a stringer.  Let cool and apply to a dark transparent (Striking Red, Cobalt, Green, etc…) based bead which will give you a ‘Faux-Boro’ effect and when used on Ivory you can get a ‘Raku-like’ effect.